As part of IMechE, you have the opportunity to really make an impact on the future of the profession. Collaborate on strategy, influence policy, uphold standards and set new levels of excellence as recognised in our wide-ranging scholarships and awards programme.

Strategy 2030

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Since 1847, IMechE has been at the forefront of mechanical engineering - providing members with cutting-edge knowledge, unparalleled expertise and trusted paths to industry-recognised accreditation.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the world through engineering. We want to develop and support the engineering community so they can achieve their best - not only for themselves but for the benefit of society.

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Our vision

Our vision is to transform IMechE into a global, inclusive and digitally-enabled engineering community, equipped to embrace the challenges of our fast-changing planet. We will use our global reach to empower our members, maximise their talents, and connect thought leaders and innovators.

By doing this together, we can promote engineering, inform opinion and foster innovation - helping to create a more inclusive and sustainable world for the future.

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Our values

Inclusion, impact, innovation and integrity - our values are at the heart of who we are and how we work and collaborate with others. We’re committed to making IMechE a great place to work and an Institution we can all be proud of.

Our Investors in People gold standard accreditation demonstrates our commitment to that goal and reflects the hard work of staff and managers.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our values. We are leading the way in the engineering sector and continue to create open and supportive environments where members and staff can work together to achieve common goals. Our free and bespoke diversity and inclusion virtual training is available to members worldwide and counts towards competence D.3 in the UK-SPEC.

Visit the Diversity & Inclusion hub

Culture Ambassador Network

This year we’re launching our first member and employee-led Culture Ambassador Network.

Our goal is to foster cultural understanding, challenge preconceptions, value differences and encourage greater inclusion. We want all members to feel supported, included, and know they have a voice within IMechE.

Our strategic goals

To deliver our vision, we have two strategic goals: impact and membership development.


  • Harness
  • Advise
  • Communicate

Membership development:

  • Standards
  • Services
  • Community
  • Support
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We will improve our membership accreditation process and continue to offer personalised services to support engineers throughout their careers, as well as access to recognition schemes and a vast community of like-minded colleagues.

We will continue to be an industry leader in providing accreditation, knowledge and networking, and are working to modernise and future-proof our facilities.

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Our strategic enablers

For each of our strategic enablers, we have a set of objectives we aim to deliver:

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Our aim is to create a unified data platform to deliver all our services primarily via digital channels by 2030. All our content and solutions will be designed with members in mind and digital services will be accessible to everyone wherever you are in the world. We’ll also use automation and Artificial Intelligence technologies to improve customer experience.

We will make sure our governance processes adhere to best practices and are benchmarked against leading professional bodies within the sector. Our business processes will be subject to similar scrutiny and comply with legal and regulatory requirements, while our strategy will be continually developed and improved. Staff and members will be given opportunities to learn and develop, and future leaders will be proactively supported; professional engineers will also be given help to attain registration and qualifications. 

Our goal is to build a culture of collaboration and partnership among our staff, members, and stakeholders. We want to work to harmonise standards globally and we will collaborate with global Professional Engineering Institutions (PEIs) through reciprocal arrangements for membership and member services, and work through our global volunteer network to promote engineering.

We will track and measure IMechE’s output to check that we are meeting our goals and objectives successfully, deliver our strategy, and introduce a learning and feedback system so we can continuously improve. We will prioritise the activities that have the greatest impact and align to our strategy best, as well as develop our links with PEIs and organisations to increase the reach and impact of our work.

Our goal is to cultivate an open, collaborative, and inclusive culture where our employees and members know they belong, are valued and can thrive. We support and encourage volunteers and employees to work together closely and ensure IMechE’s partnerships align with our vision and values to amplify our impact and achieve our mission. The actions of our governance and leadership teams will reflect those values and translate them into meaningful action at work. Inclusivity and accessibility will be at the heart of how we design our services and will reflect the diversity of our global engineering community.

We are working to develop a modern and affordable building estate that boasts excellent environmental performance and that reduces our environmental footprint, and we will also prioritise digital capabilities and operational efficiency. We will develop rolling medium-term plans to ensure financial sustainability and sufficient reserves to enable strategic flexibility long into the future.

Code of Conduct

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Our Code of Conduct articulates the fundamental behaviours by which all members are expected to abide.

Members are expected to act within accordance with the Code of Conduct throughout their membership, whether in a professional or personal capacity, irrespective of their grade, the role they fulfil, or the countries in which they practice.

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Why is the Code of Conduct important?

Our by-laws and Code of Conduct are our ethical standards, which apply to all IMechE members.

As a professional body, we promote high standards of ethical conduct among our members to:

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Protect members of the public

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Protect IMechE members

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Uphold the reputation of the Institution and the wider engineering profession

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Members are important ambassadors for the profession and the Institution. They are expected to refer to the Code of Conduct regularly, and additional information is available in The Code of Conduct Instructions, which help members understand and apply the principles.


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The expertise and skill of our members is what makes us uniquely placed to provide impartial advice and guidance to the government, media, academics and wider industry on key engineering issues. 

One of our key policy areas is climate change and sustainability and we have been working closely with government officials and key thought leaders like the Environment Agency and Met Office to offer advice on adaptation and resilience.

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Our series of blogs offers comment and analysis on a number of global issues and particularly highlights the different connected problems linked to rising temperatures, including their impact on wildfires, mental health and wellbeing.

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Visit our websiteto find all our reports and more about our policy priorities.

Front page of 'Adapting industry to withstand rising temperatures and future heatwaves' report

We shape the public and engineering debate, with a specific focus on our key policy priorities:

  • Climate change and sustainability
  • The future of transport and mobility
  • Healthcare and infectious disease control
  • Education and skills

Scholarships & Awards

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We are committed to encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship and supporting our members through lifelong learning.

Our huge range of scholarships and awards mean there’s opportunities at every level to enhance your career. To see which one is right for you, click here.

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Duncan Booth

Warrant Officer Class 1
Duncan Booth IEng MIMechE

Awarded Best Contribution to Engineering by a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer or Warrant Officer, REME

I’ve been privileged to work in an environment where I am empowered to work autonomously and have been well supported.

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Our Corps is brimming with highly motivated engineers who achieve amazing things every day, I have been fortunate to both be in the position to effect change and to have that work recognised.



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